Warm For Now… Changes Heading Into The Weekend

The potential for a pattern change is looming later this week with certainly some cooler temperatures but an opportunity for some cool April showers/rain.  Stay tuned on our extended forecast — Spring forecasts are notoriously flip/floppy.  I can’t wait for the Spring cutoff lows to start spinning down.  I could use a few more white hairs.  www.RMayWx.com /Twitter: WxDogs

By robmayeda

San Jose Earthquake 4.3 3-30-2009

A moderate earthquake jolted the South Bay late Monday morning with a preliminary magnitude of 4.3 – centered some 16 miles ESE of San Jose.

Depth of the quake was 3.9 miles in the hills/mtns east of the Santa Clara Valley.  

Shakemap shows its affects mainly over the South/East Bay.  Quake appears centered off to the SE of the Hayward and Calaveras fault systems.  


By robmayeda

Dry Days Continue

Its looking like we’re in a mainly dry pattern for the next few days – windy at times, and certainly dry.  Next chance for rain is late next Saturday into Sunday with a decent looking rain event for the 4/4 – 4/5 timeframe.  

We’ll take anything we can get … this late in the rainfall season storms systems get fewer and far between.

By robmayeda