A Little More Mild — then May Showers

We’ll see subtle warming next couple of days — then clouds will increase again heading into Friday as a weather system slowly begins approaching the coast.  Look for the best bet of showers for areas north of San Jose beginning on Friday into early Saturday – with perhaps another chance for a little more rain late Saturday into Sunday.  

Coincidentally – Monday and Tuesday look warmer and drier again.  – RM

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Some Spring Showers – Then Breezy & Dry

Looks like we’ll manage a cut-off low forming over N. Cal on Friday that will bring in some cooler air aloft and decent lift over the hills to kick off some midday-afternoon showers – best bet North Bay and Diablo range.

Low dives into S. Nevada by Saturday, ending the shower threat and NW winds should allow us to get some clearing and see a little warming through the weekend.

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Cooling… seriously… its coming soon.

Thin marine layer and a low cloud bank that will take a little more time to fill up means Wednesday will still feel pretty warm (hot by April standards) inland but we should stay clear of any records for a day.  Still – mostly 80s to near 90 well inland in the hills.  Cooling Thursday/Friday looks good as the low clouds return to the coastline and we see cooler air aloft moving in for the weekend ahead.

By robmayeda

Cooling Ahead

After another warm/hot Tuesday — a stronger sea breeze and the return of coastal clouds and drizzle should put a fork in our recent Bay Area heat wave (thank goodness).  One wild care is some mid-level clouds/moisture that may try to fire off some isolated thunder along the coastal range Tuesday afternoon.

A better chance for showers should arrive late Friday into the start of the weekend – but mainly breezy and cooler – less in terms of actual rainfall.

By robmayeda

Aug-pril Continue Through Tuesday

Hot weather 80s, 90s and near 100 well inland will continue through Tuesday before the ocean a/c kicks in again.

Much cooler weather and some rain is possible later in the week!

By robmayeda

“August in April”

Mild temperatures are again expected on Friday with some warming.  But by the weekend high pressure builds strongly over the Bay Area which will lead to 70s and 80s for highs and the potential for some record breaking temperatures Sunday/Monday.  Its not out of the question some spots may try to approach 90 degrees!  Wowzers.  

Here’s a listing of existing high temp records:

                SATURDAY          SUNDAY          MONDAY

 SANTA ROSA     88 / 1954         88 / 1907       95 / 1931

 SAN FRANCISCO  83 / 1914         83 / 1992       84 / 1986

 OAKLAND        82 / 1977         83 / 1992       84 / 1986

 SAN JOSE       86 / 1999         90 / 1950       94 / 1906

 SANTA CRUZ     90 / 1918         90 / 1906       88 / 1899

 SALINAS        79 / 1962         84 / 1986       88 / 1986

 MONTEREY       78 / 1962         80 / 1992       85 / 1986

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From Gusty To Patchy Frosty To Summer-y

We’ve just about bottomed out for the temperatures this week.  Much cooler drier air has settled into the region and for wind protected spots over the next couple mornings – some patchy frost is possible.

Warming should begin on Thursday and into the weekend as high pressure builds in.  Expect 70s with plenty of sunshine and possibly some 80s as well.

By robmayeda

Mainly Mild For Easter Turning Breezy @ Times

High pressure will deflect incoming weather system just to our north over Easter weekend which will lead to some breezy conditions and somewhat warmer temperatures through Sunday.

The stronger of two system will move through Sunday night into Monday –> this will spill some clouds our way, but the main effect will be winds kicking up with some cooling for Monday into Tuesday.  High pressure builds back in more strongly over Northern California by midweek that should send our temperatures into the 70s from Wednesday-Friday.

Happy Easter!  – RM

By robmayeda

Cool Showers And Sunny Breaks

As one system winds down we’ll see another quickly dropping down the coast on Thursday keeping cool temperatures and some raindrops in the forecast into Friday.  

Easter Weekend is looking a little blustery to start — then somewhat more mild for Easter Sunday and Monday.  Another weather system may dig down into Northern Cal later on Monday possibly tossing some showers into the far North Bay.

By robmayeda