Is This The Day Apple Became Un-Cool?

April 29th, 2010 – Is this the day Apple became “un-cool”?

Between the Daily Show bashing, the image of a large corporation raiding the house of a blogger who said nothing but positive things about a forthcoming product, and now a personally directed letter against Adobe – the same company that stood by and supported Apple when Macs were branded “PowerPCs” and no one wanted to buy them.

I’ve used Apple since its computers were labeled IIe and toted a “portable” oversized lunchbox Macintosh around campus inside a Yoda-sized backpack @ the UofA.  I’ve gone from PowerBook G3, G4, PowerMac G5 to MacBook Pros and the iPhone.  I love these machines for what they can do, their UI – graphics and being pure multimedia monsters.  Their tech has become ubiquitous in the new age of electronic journalism.  As Apple says – their machines “just work” and they do it extremely well.

But Apple – “Who So Serious?”

Google seems willing to take on Adobe/Flash, open to all developers for Android and their online suite of apps and services.  Google moves away (for now) from Verizon and doesn’t throw them under the bus.  Now the Android Marketplace gets the shot in the arm it was looking for from developers from Adobe world looking to team with company willing to cater to their design and application interpretations.

Now Apple’s market cap has vaulted ahead of Microsoft’s, offers no dividend to shareholders and demands an asking price of $1 to $10 million to join their elite “iAd” network.

Has Apple become The Empire?  If so – who will be the new upstart company to “fight the machine”?

The beauty of living in Silicon Valley is – the answer is likely in a basement, attic or garage somewhere – just waiting for the right venture capital to help them start their run, raise their hammer high and toss it back at the screen.  – RM

By robmayeda