12.21.2012 “The Mayan Myth” Trailer / Promo

One of Tulum’s most fascinating features – that notch in the building above aligns with the sun on both the Summer and Winter solstices – with a ray of sunlight shooting through the building. Similar to how Chichen Itza has a snake shadow ‘run’ down the staircase of the Temple of Kukulkan only on the Spring/Autumn equinoxes. Given the significance of the Mayan Calendar ending on Dec 21, 2012… my guess is there will be a large crowd at Tulum watching the sun pass through this building as the first Mayan Calendar that began 13 August 3114 BC ends. Various wild stories have been attached to the 12-21/22-2012 date, but locals insist that date is merely a transition to the next Mayan long count calendar…nothing more or less. What do you think?
Wild images on the walls – red handprints still mark the temple walls along with other very time and astronomy-centric imagery. If ever in Cozumel…check this site out for yourself and draw your own conclusions. Just bring plenty of water, light fitting clothing and be careful not to step on any big-uanas.

By robmayeda