Living With Lupus Update: Meet Dr. Sarah!

The last entry in this personal blog talked about my wife’s personal battle with and PhD research on lupus.

I’m happy to announce that as of last Friday, Sarah is now officially “Doctor Sarah” having successfully defended her dissertation as her last hurdle in obtaining her PhD in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Health Psychology.

The early results from the Lupus Activity Scale (LAS) validated patients’ abilities to accurately self-report symptoms in ways that can hopefully improve more immediate and effective medical and psychological research for patients.

Sarah is still looking to add more data associated with the LAS, and if interested you may participate in the brief survey here:

LAS survey link or contact

Look for some of the core findings soon in some peer-reviewed journals, plus Sarah will also be the featured columnist soon for the Lupus Foundation of Northern California’s newsletter in May.

Let me say a huge thank you for all your support and assistance, and we’ll hopefully be sharing the survey results and graduation photos with you in early June! – Rob

Original Article – Living With Lupus: Not Just Another Birthday

By robmayeda

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